Textpert AMA: Political Texting Tips for 2022

With political texting becoming more necessary than ever as an engagement tactic, we’ll see a dramatic rise in text volumes during the midterm cycle. Learn how to outsmart your opponents and do it right before we’re in the thick of it all.

Join Prompt.io for a Reddit-style AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) panel of texting experts to hear about best practices and upcoming developments in the texting space for 2022. Prompt.io is a robust texting platform for political organizations, advocacy groups, nonprofits and commercial uses. Prompt.io offers texting via fully registered and compliant 10DLC, toll-free and shortcode.

Moderated by: Farz Sokhansanj, VP of Business Development, Prompt.io

Speakers include: 

  • Tommy Knepper, President and Co-Founder, In Field Strategies
  • Lloyd Cotler, Principal, Banter Messaging
  • Debra Cleaver, Founder and CEO, VoteAmerica
  • Brenna Cully, Customer Success Manager, Prompt.io

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Optimize Your Local Media Buys to Reach Swing Voters

Nielsen will use its powerful local media tools to look back at the Georgia Runoff Election from January 2021 to analyze political ad spend. Nielsen’s Local Media Impact media planning platform can assess how TV, Radio, Digital, Social and Connected TV can optimize swing voter reach. Learn strategies that could give you an edge in the upcoming election cycle.

Presenter: Tony Hereau, Vice President of Cross Platform Insights, Nielsen

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About Tony Hereau

As Vice President of Cross Platform Insights, Tony Hereau is leveraging the full suite of Nielsen’s services to show how the media landscape continues to evolve with changing consumer habits. With over 20 years of experience in the buying and selling of media, Tony’s insights can tell us where we have been and where we are going.


Answering Your 10DLC Questions

Everyone is eager to have their questions about 10DLC and The Campaign Registry answered, especially as the registration deadline comes more into focus. Krishna Ghodiwala, founder and CEO of Text Surge, and Thomas Peters, founder and CEO of RumbleUp, will walk us through the 10DLC registration process and answer questions related to The Campaign Registry and what they expect to see in the weeks and months ahead.

2022 Primary Voter Landscape: 10 AI-Driven Voter Segments You Need to Win Midterms

Each election cycle, campaigns are tasked with the impossible: tap into the hearts and minds of voters based on how they are impacted by a world that none of us could have anticipated just two years ago. Here at Resonate, we’ve leveraged AI and deep learning to unlock the reality of today’s complex voter landscape. The result is an eligible U.S. electorate cleanly defined across 10 distinct segments based on a unique set of insights that will influence candidate choice in the 2022 primaries. Join us April 21 to meet the 2022 voters and learn:

– The #1 issue driving each voter persona to cast their vote

– Who they voted for in 2020 and where they stand on that candidate today

– The top values that strike a chord with each persona and what pulls their heartstrings

– Policies that motivate these voters to take political action

Resonate’s proprietary, AI-driven voter intelligence data is tracking these voters in real-time because we know fresh data is the only data that resonates. Join us to get one step closer to victory.

Speakers include:

  • Alexander Jones, Senior Survey Analyst​, Resonate
  • Brent Waddington, Senior Director, Research & Operations​, Resonate

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Making the Most of Pollies 22

The Pollie Conference is the largest gathering of political consultants of the year, and offers dozens of networking opportunities throughout the conference! With over 500 individuals in attendance, what is the best way to make the most of your time at Pollies and expand your network? Join us on May 9th to hear tips and tricks from seasoned Pollie attendees on how they’ve maximized their time at Pollies over the years to grow their business and build lasting relationships!

Speakers include:

  • Danielle Cendejas, The Strategy Group
  • Christine Cockley, Talent Optimization Coordinator at Mix Talent , 2021 AAPC Foundation Scholarship Recipient
  • Luis S. Herrero, 303.Digital LLP
  • Marty Stone, Stones’ Phones
  • Holly Turner, Stampede America

Service Project: Hacks Give Back

Join AAPC on Monday, May 16th from 12:00-4:00pm for a community impact project in the heart of San Juan serving the Group of the Eight Communities (G-8) in a region referred to as Caño Martín Peña Planning District. 

Participants will be painting classrooms at Escuela Elemental Santiago Iglesias Pantín, a public school located in one of the G-8 communities serving more than 480 students in Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade. 

2022 Pollie Awards & Conference

Registration for the 2022 Pollie Awards & Conference will open soon! Learn more about the conference here.