1. The New Synergy: Direct Mail and Digital

Direct mail is a mainstay of most campaigns while digital is attracting a growing share of advertising dollars. Learn how innovations in targeting and delivery of both direct mail and digital are changing the landscape and creating synergy for campaigns. We will explore the trends, successes, and challenges of balancing direct mail with digital ads from practitioners with hands-on experience.

Seth Colton, The Lukens Company

Speakers Include:
Danielle Cendejas, The Strategy Group
Joe Lestingi, Chadderdon Lestingi Creative Strategies
Nicole Hall, HSP Direct
Jon Adams, NRSC

2. Fires, Floods and Mud: Case Studies in Crisis Communication & People Coming Together

Over the past 2 years, natural disasters such as fires in the West and hurricanes in the East have caused great hardship to millions of Americans. Should your business or clients be impacted by an unpredictable event, it’s critical that you’re prepared with a crisis communications plan. Hear from consultants who lived in these areas as they discuss the roles they played in assisting the efforts of elected officials and first responders, share tips for how to effectively get messaging out and keep operations underway to rebuild the communities where they live and work.

Moderator: Russ Swindell, Public Policy Polling

Speakers Include:
Michael Beychok, Ourso Beychok
Erica Walters, Terris Barnes & Walters
Dan Mullen, Indie Politics

3. Let’s Talk About Texts, Baby

Peer-to-Peer texting is quickly becoming a “must have” in the campaign and advocacy toolbox. With a near-100% open rate and the ability to communicate with individuals in a highly-personal manner, text messaging in our industry is undoubtedly on the rise in the run-up to 2020. Hear from leaders in peer-to-peer text messaging as well as campaign pros who have effectively leveraged this exciting technology. The panelists will discuss how they have raised money, persuaded voters and turned out the vote while also navigating complex compliance issues and regulations.

Buzz Jacobs, PoliTek

Speakers Include:
Ted Peterson, Person 2 Person Messaging
Latoia Jones, Hustle
Steve Sisneros, DCCC
Thomas Peters, Rumble Up
Caitlin Contestable, political.law