1. The Importance of Media when Winning Is Everything

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What is the importance of media platforms in influencing the voter decision process? Research Now SSI went into 10 competitive political markets the day after the midterm elections and looked at over 20 media platforms for the answer. Join us as we examine how media importance can differ by age, party and ethnicity.

Speaker: Hadassa Gerber, EVP, Chief Research Officer, TVB

2. Business of the Business Series: Strategies for Resolving the Off-Year Cash Crunch

By its nature, political consulting is a cyclical business that poses economic and strategic challenges in the “off years.” As a result, companies in our industry have tried a variety of tactics to address the inevitable ebbs and flows, such as a “seasonal workforce” model to reduce overhead in the off years and expanding the portfolio of services/products for non-political clients to increase revenue. In this Business of the Business Series, a diverse panel of consultants will offer first-person accounts of the challenges they have faced in their cyclical businesses, the specific tactics they have tried (both successfully and unsuccessfully) to address those challenges, and how well they think they’ve done building a sustainable business model that prospers even in the “off years.”

Moderator: Michelle Coyle, BGSD Strategies

Speakers Include:
Larry Huynh, Trilogy Interactive
Chris Gober, The Gober Group
Nicole Schlinger, Campaign HQ
Donna Lucas, Lucas Public Affairs

3. Targeting 2.0: Learn What’s Next in Modern Voter Targeting

It’s never been more challenging to effectively reach and engage constituents. As we look toward 2020, how do we prepare for what’s next in voter targeting? Join us for a discussion that reviews what’s new and what you need to know for Voter Targeting 2.0.

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Moderator: Jennifer Mathews, AMM Political Strategies

Speakers Include:
Patrick McGill, Blueprint Interactive
David Seawright, Deep Root Analytics
Amber Carrier, BlueLabs
Gary Sherwood, Resonate
Billy Rogers, Advanced Microtargeting Inc