1. What are the best TV Advertising strategies today? Learn from those who’ve tried them all

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When it comes to TV advertising, Political campaigns need to stay up-to-date with the most current strategies. But how can political advertisers know what TV strategies work without risking their campaign? Is there something to be learned from industries outside of the political world who’ve had more flexibility to experiment and discover what’s most effective? This breakout session will host a panel of non-political advertising experts to discuss how and why they’re evolving their TV advertising strategies through 2019. These proven approaches should inspire Political campaigns to confidently adopt new TV strategies for their political campaigns moving into the 2020 election cycle.

Moderator: Greg Friend, NCC Media

Speakers Include:
Kelly Georgia, Deep Root Analytics
Marty Shelata, NCC Media
Tore Tellefsen, Data+Math
Rob da Silva, Kantar Millward Brown

2. Targeting and Turnout in Diverse Communities

The 2018 mid-term elections witnessed a historic turnout of voters among America’s varied racial and ethnic communities. A highly charged political environment combined with millions of dollars of spending on non-traditional mediums targeting these voters resulted in the most racially diverse Congress in US history. Have we finally entered a new era where higher turnout in diverse communities is the new normal? Are campaigns prioritizing their spend the right way to reach these voters? Is your campaign using the right platforms, technologies and messaging to reach these voters? Join this session for a discussion with some of the top specialists in understanding diverse voters, to give your next campaign the advantage it deserves.

Moderator: Scott Simpson, Resonance Campaigns

Speakers Include:
Bill Wong, Bill Wong LLC
Luis Alvarado, Luis Alvarado Public Affairs LLC
Michele Watley, The Griot Group
Monica B. Gomez, Annie’s List