GENERAL SESSION: The Changing Landscape of News

Campaigns must adapt to the changing landscape of news. Anyone with a Twitter feed can create news, and speak to voters without the news media filter. Newspaper staffs and circulations are shrinking. The traditional Editorial Board is a strategic calculation rather than a “must do.” 24 hour cable news networks are perceived to have tremendous influence with Democrat and Republican base voters and booking a two-minute hit on a top rated nightly program is now a consultant specialty niche. Social media metrics influence reporters and editors. How will political campaigns at all levels adapt to and leverage this changing news landscape? Hear from some of the top political communicators on how they are developing effective campaign news strategies.

Moderator: Margita Thompson, California Resources Corporation

Speakers Include:
Brad Herold, Ron Desantis for Governor
Sara Lee, Cox for Govenor
Jared Leopold, Jay Inslee for President



The three top-scoring 2019 phone entries will be showcased at the start of “The Changing Landscape of News”, giving YOU a chance to vote for the People’s Choice Pollie Award: Best Use of Direct Mail.

The ultimate winners of the People’s Choice Pollies will be revealed with on stage honors at the Pollie Gala Awards on Thursday, April 4th in Napa, CA.