LUNCHEON & GENERAL SESSION: Money, That’s What I Want: How to Succeed on 2020 Fundraising Efforts

Fundraising is the fuel that drives the engine of political campaigns; yet how campaigns generate that fuel has changed dramatically over the last 15 years. Grassroots fundraising, driven by digital, has never been more important, reflected by the DNC having a number of donors threshold to participate in the presidential debates.

Why did Democrats leapfrog Republicans in digital grassroots fundraising? Have Republicans caught up? What are the key ingredients to having a successful grassroots donor program in today’s political environment? Hear experts go beyond tactics and dive deeper into fundamentals and strategy on why some campaigns have been successful and what will be crucial in 2020 to win.

Moderator: Becki Donatelli, Campaign Solutions

Speakers Include:
Guy Short, Campaign Solutions
Shelby Cole, Authentic Campaigns
Molly Parnell, Golden State Strategy
Patrick Frank, ActBlue
Julia Ager, Sapphire Strategies


The three top-scoring 2019 phone entries will be showcased at the start of “Money, That’s What I Want: How to Succeed on 2020 Fundraising Efforts”, giving YOU a chance to vote for the People’s Choice Pollie Award: Best Use of Television.

The ultimate winners of the People’s Choice Pollies will be revealed with on stage honors at the Pollie Gala Awards on Thursday, April 4th in Napa, CA.