Bonnie Siegel

President & Founder, PoliticalBranding Associates

Bonnie Siegel founded PoliticalBranding Associates, formally bridging her corporate branding knowledge and experiences to guide political candidates towards a strong brand identity to separate them from their opposition and in the eyes of the voters.

In 2015, Bonnie Siegel was hired to join the Ted Cruz Presidential Campaign as national brand strategist, becoming one of the first to successfully utilize and implement a new strategy that inevitably changed the game in campaign management– candidate branding. Through her leadership, Siegel worked with the Cruz Campaign Team, guiding, melding, creating, implementing, managing and ultimately bringing the brand to the American people.

Additionally, Siegel was responsible for steering the Cruz Advance Teams, overseeing the brand for all campaign events, further establishing brand consistency brand alignment and a strong brand identity.

Throughout her executive career, Bonnie has held the leadership position of President and CEO at her own award-winning company, ASE Group, Inc. She has been responsible for the creation and execution of global conferences, sales meetings, board retreats and incentive trips. She is an expert in navigating the relationships between Corporate, Franchise, and Vendor partners for event marketing synergy. Her clients have included GE, Sprint, Hallmark, IHOP, Applebee’s, H&R Block, and Popeye’s.

Today, her innovative approach continues to benefit clients across a wide range of industries. Through speaking engagements and published articles, she continues to be an active thought leader in global business and politics.