Julia Ager

Founder and President, Sapphire Strategies
Julia Ager is the Founder and President at Sapphire Strategies, a digital agency specializing in fundraising, advertising, and social media. Before launching Sapphire Strategies, Julia Ager was 2018 Chief Digital Officer at the DCCC. She led the Committee to raise historic amounts online — over $110 million for the DCCC and $18 million for House campaigns — and win a resounding Democratic House Majority in the 2018 midterms.

Julia and her team ran a historic digital advertising operation across 44 House districts. This $3.5 million program helped increase voter turnout by 188% for millennials, 174% for Hispanics, and 157% for African Americans.

​Before joining the DCCC, Julia did digital fundraising at the DSCC and worked at the technology company Salsa Labs. She graduated from Rice University and is from Ann Arbor, Michigan.