Kelly Gibson

Partner, Hamburger Gibson Creative

Washington, DC-2018-Hamburger Gibson Creative delivers innovative message campaigns for candidates, causes, and institutions seeking to create meaningful change. Our television work, digital engagement, message development, and media training reach targeted audiences in an integrated “four screens” world.

As partner at Hamburger Gibson Creative, Kelly is a political media powerhouse, producing media and directing strategic messaging for environmental organizations, unions, candidates and campaigns from City Council to Senate races. Kelly was honored by with a Rising Star Award in 2014 by Campaigns & Elections magazine, and was named one of the American Association of Political Consultants’ 40 Under 40 in 2016. With more than a decade of experience making ads, Kelly is in her element on set, in the editing suite and in the situation room, helping campaigns win at every level. Her sweet spot is ads that reveal a candidate’s true character to voters and speak to their values. With a keen eye on the latest tools, trends and technologies for communicating a compelling and cohesive narrative, Kelly advises campaigns on how to navigate and employ digital campaign tactics that build buzz across the four-screens spectrum. Her engineering background and past work on the line in a steel fittings factory give her an eye for the authentic and an ability to solve problems on the fly. An accomplished skier, singer, mom and native Buffalonian, Kelly embodies a blend of wholesome Midwestern values with New York sophistication.