Melissa Williams

Vice President of Independent Expenditures, EMILY's List

Melissa Williams runs the EMILY’s List independent expenditure arm, WOMEN VOTE!. In this role, she oversees the organization’s efforts to research, persuade, and mobilize women voters; and works to strengthen partnerships with progressive allies nationally. In 2018, EMILY’s List launched a record independent expenditure campaign. We helped elect 34 new women to the House, including 24 red-to-blue victories; enough seats to have delivered the U.S. House majority alone.

Prior to joining EMILY’s List, Melissa was the National Political Director for the Sierra Club. While at the Sierra Club, she oversaw the electoral program, running independent expenditures, membership communications, and coordinated campaigns nationwide. Melissa has worked on independent expenditure and membership programs for a number of progressive organizations and labor unions. She holds degrees in Government and Women’s Studies from Harvard. She also holds an M.S. in International Political Economics.