Nicole Schlinger

Nicole Schlinger


Nicole Schlinger has more than two decades of experience in telephone fundraising, political consulting, GOTV efforts and successful campaigns at all levels.


Schlinger got her start in politics as the Finance Director for several Congressional races. In the 1998 cycle, she was Finance Director of the Republican Party of Iowa where she had a record-breaking fundraising cycle, including an event honoring Lady Margaret Thatcher.


After leaving the Republican Party of Iowa, she started Capitol Resources, Inc. in 1999, to provide full-service fundraising to campaigns including Governor Terry Branstad, Senator Chuck Grassley, and Congressmen Jim Nussle and Greg Ganske.  The original call center was built to serve in-state clients with event turnout, fundraising, and GOTV calls.


Seeing the need for a more expansive voter contact effort, Schlinger launched CampaignHQ, the best conservative call center in America.


Under Schlinger’s leadership, CampaignHQ has delivered millions of effective telephone fundraising, voter ID, persuasion, advocacy, patch through, GOTV calls and text messages for winning campaigns and conservative organizations, including notable groups such as the Susan B. Anthony List, Ted Cruz for Senate, and Americans For Prosperity.


Schlinger’s company has been recognized by the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) with numerous Pollie Awards including: Live Patch Through Calling, Best Use of Robocall, Best Use of Telephone Fundraising, Best Telephone Townhall, and Best Use of Event Fundraising.


Campaign & Elections magazine has twice named Schlinger a top political influencer and describes her simply as someone who, “knows how to make it rain for conservative candidates.”


Nicole Schlinger is an avid reader and the keeper of Martha Waffles, the Chief Canine Officer at CampaignHQ. She blogs at and posts book reviews at She is a 1995 graduate of Syracuse University. She resides in Brooklyn, Iowa, with her husband.