Webinar Recap: Campaign Event Planning Amid COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on the way political campaigns engage constituents. But the election cycle isn’t stopping, giving you even more reason to be innovative and consider virtual events (think fundraisers) to rally your base and promote your candidate or cause. Plus, when in-person gatherings start to take shape again, ensuring your attendees are safe and that your campaign is protected when going to contract with venues and event vendors in the event of a cancellation or other instance, is more critical than ever before. AAPC’s recent webinar featuring a panel of experienced event planners discussed everything you should know and keep in mind when planning your campaign events in the time of a pandemic.

Check out the key lessons from the webinar below, and listen to the recording for even more expert insights.

This webinar has been archived for playback. AAPC members can click here to view all webinar archives.

Key Lessons from the Webinar

  • Pivoting to virtual events: While virtual events don’t offer as much personal interaction and connection between the candidate and their supporters, they do offer their own benefits. While your campaign would normally be spending a lot of time and money on the logistics of in-person events and traveling to get there, you are now able to reach voters across your jurisdiction all at once, giving you the opportunity to focus on building strong relationships with supporters.
  • Creating a virtual experience: It can be difficult to recreate the feeling of personal interactions in a virtual setting. Providing opportunities for the candidate to personally connect with supporters, as well as for supporters to get to know each other, in a virtual platform is key to building that feeling of energy and community that propel a campaign forward. Try using virtual storytelling systems, like engaging multimedia, live chats, or even 3D virtual experiences (think of a virtual reality, like in a video game). There are options available for any campaign budget.
  • Safety considerations for in-person events: When beginning to plan in-person events, be sure to be cognizant of the regulations in place for the state and locality that you are in. Additionally, while there might not be restrictions in place, you should consider the potential liability on your campaign if someone was to get sick. Regardless of liability, you most likely wouldn’t want a story in the press about an attendee at your event getting sick. With these outcomes in mind, the safest bet for your campaign is to stay on the conservative side of cleanliness and safety standards.

Access the full recording to hear additional tips from our panelists.