Webinar Recap: Finding Inspiration in Isolation: Creating Compelling Messaging for Political Campaigns

As digital communications take the place of face-to-face opportunities to communicate with voters, crafting relevant messaging to keep your supporters engaged is more important than ever before. Join our panel of communications experts as they discuss how to recharge your email strategy, strengthen your brand, and ensure your tone is appropriate in light of the current crisis.

Check out the key lessons from the webinar below, and listen to the recording for even more expert insights.

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Key Lessons from the Webinar:

Pivot your message, not your brand. 

  • Instead of altering your brand, alter what you are talking about to seize the opportunity. Altering your brand or digital persona can seem inauthentic, opaque, and shallow
  • Look at this as an opportunity to expand your brand, think creatively and step outside your comfort zone

Personalize content & avoid cliches

  • Try to localize your content to the state, county, or city level whenever possible
  • Share stories of your quarantine experience to prove that “we are all in this together” without actually typing the words “we are all in this together”
  • Highlight community stories
  • Continue to post on relevant political issues that rally the base

Ensure an appropriate tone

  • Voters need to be reminded that you’re still fighting for them on the issues that matter most to them
  • Create personalized experiences and provide a sense of normalcy
  • Be emphatic and genuine while still delivering a bold message
    • Organize events/live streams with small business owners, medical professionals, and community thought leaders to talk about the economic and community impact

On digital fundraising

  • There is a perception that fundraising has tanked; many are still doing well though
  • Change up the “asks”
    • Ask for smaller donations during this time of uncertainty
    • Go back to your donors and ask them to be recurring donors
  • Give them something in return
  • Be prepared for pushback

Access the full recording to hear additional tips from our panelists.

This webinar is eligible for one (1) A3 Creative Execution credit towards AAPC’s Communications Certificate. To learn more about achieving this Certificate, click here