Webinar Recap: How to Reach Hispanic Voters: Make It Authentic

During AAPC’s most recent webinar, participants received tips on how to reach Hispanic voters and learn about how authenticity, attention to detail, and culturally rooted design can help drive maximum impact with this target demographic.

Key takeaways:

  • The stats on direct mail: 64% of Hispanic-Americans are saying that direct mail was the most memorable form of political advertising compared to 50% of all Americans. 69% said that it’s harder to ignore than TV ads and 56% of had visited a hyperlink or QR code included in a direct mail piece.
  • Language is not always enough: You can’t reach all Hispanic voters simply through the Spanish language. There are several different nuances in Hispanic-American households all over the country and they often use the Spanish language very differently.
  • Authenticity: Don’t just throw money at the problem by having a big budget. Candidates need to be meeting with Hispanic voters in their community throughout their term. Once re-election rolls around, you already have stories and authentic photos to use in advertisements. Understanding the regional difference of Hispanic voters is very important in creating a connection in those communities.
  • Campaign mistakes to avoid in 2022: We have seen so many ads with poorly executed translations in creative pieces that are not executed by someone from the culture they are targeting. Many advertisements use very technical Spanish, which is very rarely used in Hispanic households around the country.

Click here to listen to the full recording for more insights!