Webinar Recap: Media Consumption During COVID-19: Getting The Most Out of Streaming TV

In the last few months, over-the-top (OTT) services like Hulu, YouTube and more have seen a surge in consumption like never before as a result of stay-at-home orders. As the American electorate’s weekly screen time steadily increases, so do the opportunities for campaigns to leverage OTT services for targeted ad placement.

During AAPC’s latest webinar, a panel of experts discussed how connected devices and streaming services are changing the way voters consume media — particularly during the current crisis, and provided insights on the reach of OTT services, effective targeting methods, budgeting and media buying considerations, and ways in which to ensure brand safety.

Check out the key lessons from the webinar below, and listen to the recording for even more expert insights.

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Key Lessons from the Webinar

  • The Difference Between Connected TV and OTT: OTT is considered content that is streamed via a service like Hulu or Netflix. Connected TV, or CTV, is video content delivered via internet connection on a smart TV. Services that fall under CTV are Roku, Apple TV, or gaming consoles. 
  • Advantages to OTT: As a result of COVID-19, OTT platforms have seen record-breaking usage and there are more opportunities than ever to reach voters using OTT.
    • Advertisers and buyers can reach a highly-targeted and focused audience.
    • Some forms of OTT also offer valuable data on who is watching, how long they’re watching, and more.
    • The OTT audience is also becoming more diverse and is not just limited to younger viewers.
  •  Challenges to OTT: OTT is not a catch-all to reach all audiences.
    • Smart advertisers should continue to leverage cross-channel planning to find new efficiencies and strategic ways to incorporate CTV/OTT into their advertising mix.
    • Advertisers should also use tools like white lists and guaranteed buys to help ensure brand safety when using OTT.

Access the full recording to hear additional tips from our panelists.

This webinar is eligible for one (1) A5 Distributing Communications (Message Dissemination) credit towards AAPC’s Communications Certificate. To learn more about achieving this Certificate, click here.