AAPC Applauds Twitter’s Decision To Allow For Political Speech and the Democratic Process

Alana Joyce
Executive Director



January 5, 2023


AAPC Applauds Twitter’s Decision To Allow For Political Speech and the Democratic Process


MCLEAN, VA – The American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) applauds Twitter’s decision
to allow cause-based ads and the return of political advertising on the platform. Social media platforms
are a critical means for campaigns to reach a broad audience of voters, especially young and diverse
audiences who may not access traditional forms of media.

“Twitter’s plans to reinstate cause-based advertising on its platform is a major win for the democratic
process and the ability for campaigns to inform voters about issues they care about,” said Becki Donatelli,
Republican consultant and President of AAPC.

AAPC also applauds Twitter for stating their advertising policy will align with that of TV and other
media outlets.

“Leveling the playing field for political advertising allows candidates and issue organizations to clearly
communicate with voters across all demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds, especially as
consumer media habits change. Newer platforms, like streaming tv and radio, should follow Twitter’s
example to allow direct communication with voters,” said Larry Huynh, Democratic consultant and Vice
President of AAPC.

AAPC steadfastly supports the foundational principles of political free speech enshrined in the U.S.
Constitution and urges full access to social media networks, email service providers, texting platforms,
and digital news and content publishers for all official campaigns and political and non-profit

AAPC believes that suppression of political advertising ultimately reduces the ability of people to
participate and learn about the democratic process – including the candidates, and political organizations,
and policy issues that matter to them. Suppressing advertising is restricting free speech and an official
campaign's ability to reach a broad community online.

AAPC stands ready to work with all media partners to develop strong policies to uncover and stop
misinformation while protecting free speech for campaigns and issue advocacy efforts.




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