AAPC Supports FCC’s Historic Ruling Against AI-Generated Voice Robocalls


February 13, 2024


AAPC Supports FCC’s Historic Ruling Against AI-Generated Voice Robocalls


McLean, VA – The American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC), the nation’s premier organization for political consulting professionals, expresses its strong support for the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) recent declaratory ruling against robocalls made with synthetic AI-generated voices. This important clarification underscores the FCC’s commitment to protecting consumers and upholding the integrity of communication within our democracy.
The FCC’s ruling, which identifies AI-generated voice calls as “artificial” under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), aligns with the AAPC’s Code of Ethics, which emphasizes honesty, integrity, and respect for the democratic process. The AAPC believes that this decision is a significant step forward in combating the misleading use of technology in political communication and ensures that political consulting practices remain respectful and lawful.
“The AAPC stands firmly against any practice that undermines the public’s trust in the political process,” said Larry Huynh, President, AAPC. “The FCC’s ruling against AI-generated voice robocalls is a victory for integrity in political communications. It reflects our Code of Ethics’ core values by ensuring that political outreach does not mislead the electorate.”
The AAPC commends the FCC for providing state attorneys general with new tools to pursue entities behind potentially misleading robocalls. This ruling not only protects consumers from potentially misleading communications but also supports the AAPC’s ongoing efforts to promote ethical standards within the political consulting industry.
“We encourage all political consultants to review their practices in light of this ruling and to continue striving for the highest ethical standards in all their communications,” added Kyle Roberts, Vice President, AAPC. “Together, we can maintain the trust and respect within the consulting community.”



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