AAPC Unveils Comprehensive Digital Fundraising Guidelines


June 19, 2024


AAPC Unveils Comprehensive Digital Fundraising Guidelines



McLean, VA – The American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) proudly announces the release of a comprehensive set of guidelines and best practices for digital fundraising. These guidelines aim to provide essential principles and ethical standards for individuals and organizations engaged in political fundraising activities through email, social media, and texting.

The adoption of these guidelines marks a significant step forward for the digital fundraising industry. By establishing these guidelines, AAPC and its members are ensuring that digital fundraising is a space of respect and authenticity for all users,” said Taryn Rosenkranz, CEO and President of New Blue Interactive.

Given the explosive growth and importance of these channels, the guidelines outline best practices to ensure members engaging in political fundraising maintain the highest levels of integrity while raising funds for various campaigns and causes. Adhering to these standards fosters trust and credibility within the donor community and is expected of all AAPC members.

As CEO of DonorBureau Tracy Dietz noted, “this is about more than just compliance; it’s about commitment to our clients, our donors, and respect in every interaction. These guidelines will help us align our practices with our principles.

The guidelines focus on essential areas of responsibility within the digital fundraising space, including transparency and integrity, compliance with laws and regulations, ensuring data protection and privacy, donor relations, non-discrimination, and avoiding conflicts of interest.  They were developed from a comprehensive review of industry practices, including hundreds of conversations with AAPC members, clients and donors, from across the political spectrum. 

Zandria Haines, Sr. Vice President of SBDigital stated, “I am happy that the AAPC has recognized the important role digital fundraising plays in supporting mission driven work and wholeheartedly support the new digital fundraising guidelines. The rapid advancement of technology has made online giving more accessible, efficient, and engaging—and to maximize its potential, it’s important that we, as practitioners, work together to ensure programs are following best practices to meet the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and effectiveness.”

“By supporting these guidelines and principles, we’re not just advocating for fair fundraising practices; we’re investing in the future of sustainable and responsible digital engagement. It’s the right thing to do for our clients, our industry, and the American voters,” said Mark Harris, Founding Partner of ColdSpark.

For more information and to explore AAPC’s Digital Fundraising Guidelines, click here.



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