Mandy Grunwald

Mandy Grunwald is the founder and president of Grunwald Communications, one of the leading Democratic media firms in the country and the most successful woman owned media consultancy ever.

Mandy is one of the few women at the top of the field, has elected numerous Senators and Governors and is the only woman in history to run the advertising for a successful presidential campaign (Bill Clinton’s).

Mandy just helped Senator John Hickenlooper defeat Cory Gardner and worked to re-elect Senator Jeanne Shaheen by her widest margin ever. She also did the DSCC independent expenditure to defeat Martha McSally and help elect Senator Mark Kelly.

She is currently working on Senator Richard Blumenthal’s reelection, Sarah Godlewski’s Senate race in Wisconsin and independent expenditures in several states, including New Hampshire.

Mandy has helped elect six current Senators — Senator Tammy Baldwin, Senator Richard Blumenthal, Senator John Hickenlooper, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Senator Elizabeth Warren, and worked on successful independent expenditures for Senators Sherrod Brown, Maggie Hassan, Mark Kelly, Chris Murphy and Jackie Rosen.  She is also known for her work for all Hillary Clinton’s Senate and Presidential campaigns.

Mandy was born in New York City, graduated from Harvard, and has a son, Ben Cooper, who is a filmmaker.