Stop California SB 362 – The Delete Act

California SB 362, known as the Delete Act, would negatively impact access to data for political campaigns. The bill would create a portal via the California Privacy Protection Agency’s website for residents to remove all personal data from all data brokers registered with the state. The bill is up for a vote in the Assembly Appropriations Committee and we ask that you reach out to members you know and ask them to NOT advance the bill.

Concerns with California SB 362:

  • Impact on Political and Public Awareness Campaigns and Voter Outreach: Data brokers are crucial for political campaigns to reach constituents, drive turnout, and for fundraising. The bill’s deletion requirements would hinder campaign strategies and reduce voter engagement, especially reaching younger and diverse voters.
  • Unnecessary and Confusing Duplication: CCPA already applies to data brokers, and there are no gaps in California’s privacy law. The bill would create unnecessary duplication of regulations and compliance efforts negatively impacting small businesses.

These are just a couple of many concerns with CA SB 362. We ask that you reach out to the committee members listed below and ask them to NOT advance SB 362 and hold the bill for further study and review

Take Action:
Below is a sample email you can use to reach out to State Assembly Committee on Appropriations Members.

Thank you for your commitment to our industry principles and ensuring the strength of our democratic process,

Robyn Matthews
Director, Advocacy and Industry Relations

Committee on Appropriations Members:

Chris Holden (Chair), Dem – 41
Megan Dahle (Vice Chair), Rep – 1
Isaac Bryan, Dem – 55
Lisa Calderon, Dem – 56
Wendy Carrillo, Dem – 52
Diane Dixon, Rep – 72
Mike Fong, Dem – 49
Gregg Hart, Dem – 37
Josh Lowenthal, Dem – 69
Devon Mathis, Rep – 33
Diane Papan, Dem – 21
Gail Pellerin, Dem – 28
Kate A. Sanchez, Rep – 71
Esmeralda Soria, Dem – 27
Akilah Weber, M.D., Dem – 79
Lori Wilson, Dem – 11

Sample Email:

Subject: Vote NO on SB 362

Dear Assemblymember [Name]:

As a steward of data in political campaigns, I ask that you vote to NOT advance SB 362. SB 362 will negatively impact political and public awareness campaigns.

While privacy is a critical consideration, SB 362’s provisions could inadvertently hinder our ability to effectively engage with voters and carry out successful political campaigns. Specifically, I worry about its potential impact on voter education and participation, particularly among younger and diverse demographics.

Our campaigns rely on data brokers to reach constituents, encourage voter turnout, and facilitate fundraising. SB 362’s requirements to remove personal data could limit the reach of our campaign messaging, ultimately diminishing public participation and weakening the democratic process.

Additionally, these deletion previsions already exist within the current CCPA. SB 362 introduces unnecessary redundancy and complicates compliance efforts for small businesses, without addressing any gaps in privacy law.

Given these concerns, I respectfully ask that you oppose the advancement of SB 362 and consider holding the bill for further study and review.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

[Your Name]
[Your Title/Company]
[Your Contact Information]