AAPC Denounces Claimed AI-Generated Robocall Incident


February 27, 2024


AAPC Denounces Claimed AI-Generated Robocall Incident



McLean, VA – In light of the recent revelation involving a political operative’s commissioning of an allegedly deceptive AI-generated robocall impersonating President Joe Biden, we feel compelled to express our profound concern and condemnation if these facts are verified. This alleged act, leveraging artificial intelligence to fabricate a misleading communication for political gain, stands in stark opposition to the principles of honesty and integrity that are fundamental to our democratic process. The claims involved in this incident blatantly contravene the dedication to integrity that the AAPC upholds, posing a significant threat to the trust inherent in our democratic electoral processes.In a solid stance against such deceptive practices, the AAPC aligns with the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) recent declaratory ruling against robocalls made with synthetic AI-generated voices. This alignment underscores our unwavering commitment to promoting ethical conduct within political consulting and campaigning. The AAPC and FCC’s shared perspective highlights the critical importance of maintaining honesty and transparency in political communication, ensuring the electoral process remains untainted by the misleading use of technology.

We call upon all members of the political consulting community to rigorously adhere to the AAPC’s Professional Code of Ethics and stance against the use of deceptive AI in political campaigns, reinforcing our collective responsibility to foster a political environment characterized by truthfulness and respect for the electorate.




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