What Aren’t the Public Polls Telling You?

Pollsters will share their data–the stuff that’s not in the news–and what they are observing this election year to give an edge to attendees on what’s really influencing voters' choices in 2024. Attendees will learn: Big trends in California What factors are driving attitudes, especially among young voters With a divided electorate, which voters are […]

Ethics Unveiled: Using Generative AI Responsibly & Ensuring Voter Privacy

Speakers will discuss the importance of ethical guidelines, responsible governance, and vigilant oversight in the use of AI technologies and observance of voter privacy in political campaigns.   Attendees will learn: Potential risks and challenges associated with the irresponsible use of generative AI How to navigate the complex regulatory landscape governing data privacy and AI use […]

Outlook for November

California-based journalists will discuss What’s been learned so far in the run up to November The issues motivating voters Trends to watch as this campaign season takes shape 

Effective Persuasion in a Polarized Environment

This discussion will examine the role of persuasion in the current polarized environment. Attendees will discover: Where persuasion continues to work How to find persuadable voters Methods and resources needed to yield successful persuasion outcomes.

The Media Maze: Strategies for Reaching and Persuading Voters

As media consumption changes and adapts, what’s the best way to ensure your message is persuading the right voters? Attendees will learn: Identifying where target voters consume media The current trends in media consumption Best practices for harnessing the power of emerging platforms and optimizing traditional channels

Art of the Pitch

Veteran industry pros will share their wisdom, including: Tips for crafting a successful pitch The value of research What to know about delivering a compelling pitch Building strong client relationships that keep them coming back Unique nature of working in California