Noam Lee

Executive Director – DGA

Noam Lee is the Executive Director of the Democratic Governors Association. Under his leadership, the DGA has won tough races across the country, electing and re-electing Democratic governors from North Carolina, Louisiana, and Kentucky to Washington, Delaware and New Jersey.

His background in Democratic politics is extensive and varied. Starting as a field organizer for a state senate campaign while going to school at Washington University in St. Louis, he learned firsthand how a campaign can transform a district. He helped re-elect Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid in 2010 before working at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Those experiences on the ground continue to inform his work at the DGA. A Tempe, Arizona native, Noam lives in Washington DC with his family.

Christie Roberts

Executive Director – DSCC

Veteran campaign operative Christie Roberts is the executive director for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee as Democrats seek to defend their majority in the 2022 elections.

Roberts was most recently a senior adviser at the DSCC in 2020, helping facilitate the party’s strategy in retaking the majority.

Stu Sandler

Political Director- NRSC

Stu Sandler is a veteran Republican operative who most recently was the general consultant for John James for US Senate. He was also the lead strategist for the Michigan House Republican Campaign Committee as they retained a majority and consulted for Peter Meijer for Congress who won back a critical US House seat. In 2016, Sandler was a strategist for then-Michigan GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel and helped her orchestrate the first win for a Republican presidential candidate in Michigan in 28 years.

Kelly Gosselin

Deputy Executive Director– NRCC

Kelly Gosselin serves as Deputy Executive Director for the National Republican Congressional Committee and has been active in federal policy and political campaigns for over 20 years, developing campaign, policy and media strategy for dozens of Republican initiatives.

Kelly is a veteran of political independent expenditure (IE) media campaigns, most recently managing the NRCC’s successful advertising strategy in 2020, investing $83 million to help House Republicans pick up 15 seats and defend every seat held by a Republican incumbent running for re-election for the first time since 1994.  She has also served as the NRCC’s IE Research Director in both 2016 and 2018, the Research Director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee IE in 2008 and worked with the NRCC IE campaign in 2006.

Prior to her current work at the NRCC, Kelly led one of the leading Republican research firms in the nation, working with a wide variety of clients to provide strategic guidance, analyzing vulnerabilities, and providing a competitive blueprint for victory. Having served as a Legislative Director for a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Kelly understands that good policy makes good politics.  

Kelly has taught at the Women’s Campaign School at Yale Law School, Winning for Women’s candidate training, and she has been a frequent presenter at the NRCC’s Campaign School for Chiefs of Staff.  She is a graduate of York College of Pennsylvania and resides in Maryland with her husband and daughter.

Mike Thom

Political Director- NRCC

Mike Thom is in his third cycle at the NRCC serving as the political director of the NRCC. Mike oversees candidate recruitment, paid media efforts, data, polling, and incumbent retention. Last cycle, he served as the NRCC’s Deputy Political Director. During the 2018 cycle, Mike served as a regional political director for 12 states in the Midwest at the, overseeing the only two competitive House seats to flip Republican in 2018. In the 2016 cycle, Mike managed Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’s successful first campaign in the Philly suburbs. Prior to 2016, Mike has worked at the RNC, on three presidential campaigns, and a U.S. Senate race. He’s a proud Iowan and girl dad.