General Session: The Midwest’s Changing Landscape

Join this panel of experts who will discuss the evolving Midwest electoral landscape, shifting demographics and policy viewpoints and what these changes mean for campaigns moving forward.

General Session: Expanding your Business in Public Affairs and Corporate America

Hear from successful consultants who will share how working in multiple markets has benefited their business, discuss lessons learned, how you can apply strategy from the corporate world to your campaign work and how to expand your consulting business to welcome public affairs and corporate clients.

General Session: Modern Turnout: Breaking Down Silos

Learn how effective and winning campaigns utilize a well-rounded GOTV strategy to ensure voters vote, whether through ballot boxes or absentee voting. Hear from a panel of experts who will share tips on how to ensure turnout in the new era of post-covid elections. 

Industry Perspective: Leveraging Direct Mail to Make the Most of Your Campaign

Hear from United States Postal Service Direct Mail consultant Sylvia Allen-Hoover, on the impactful, creative ways direct mail can play a role in an omni-channel campaign strategy. Plus, learn about new research released by USPS, which highlights key insights and recommendations for targeting and engaging voters for future elections.

General Session: How to Develop Clutter-Cutting Creative

Creative is at the center of persuading voters to act, whether the goal is gaining support on a specific issue or fundraising for a campaign. Join creative gurus as they explore recent examples of effective persuasive creative and share tips on how these tactics can be utilized in your midterm campaigns.